Intellectual property or "IP" - what is that?

A kind of property in the result of human thought and creativity: a new invention, the design of a product, a trademark or a creative work, such as a book, a film, a song, or a piece of software.

This property cannot be seen or touched, but it is valuable, it belongs to someone, and it can be damaged or taken without permission. But how do you take care of property like that? How does this kind of property help people around the world to improve lives, create jobs and protect their culture?

Can you be an IP Champion?

The IP Challenge is set around four budding entrepreneurs working in the fields of science, filmmaking, music and fashion. Your task is to guide them through the IP issues that they encounter on their way to their goals.


Respect for Copyright and Respect for Trademarks are educational resources created to raise young people's awareness and understanding of IP rights.

The World Intellectual Property Organization is a United Nations agency based in Geneva, Switzerland. Our mission is to make sure that IP works for everyone, now and in the future. We hope you find this site enjoyable and useful.